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Every visitor to Istanbul knows that they must cruise The Covered Market (Kapali Carsi).

In a wry twist, every merchant in the market seems to know this as well.

For the serious shopper-- I have a whole section on things to buy in Turkey.

The Covered Market (Kapali Carsi).

A somewhat similar image from Granada, Spain.

The Covered Market (Kapali Carsi).
Much of the commercial activity is not under the covered Old Bazaar (Cevahir Bedesteni) at all. Rather, it's out in the narrow alleyways that radiate out in all directions.

I found one section that sold nothing but buttons for clothing. Another section sold hardware. Yet another, plastic items.


Expect a lot of bustle and chaos on the merchant streets. There's always something going on, and you'll find a minor traffic altercation every few blocks.
A melon cart offering sliced and peeled fruit.

While these were nice guys, I'd re-read your travel medicine book before diving in.

Istanbul's Egyptian Spice Bazaar (Eminonu Misir Carsisi).

The walk down "Long Market Street" (Uzuncarsi Caddesi) from the Covered Market is a fantastic trip in itself.

We took a short train ride.

Let's just leave things with these two items:

  1. The doors are completely manual and do not lock at any time.
  2. Each zephyr of Bosphorus breeze is a welcome delight once aboard.
A pipe garden in Istanbul.

I ducked in and found this a dark and slightly forbidding place. I then, bravely, walked right out.

Some fish. A cat.

Eyup, Istanbul.

An old building, somewhere between Eyup and the Galata Bridge.

This place has been here for a while. Note how far the doorsill is below the current street.

Hawkers gathering near the New Mosque (Yeni Cami) at sunset.

This area has more than its share of roving street vendors. The cops make half-hearted and ultimately fruitless sweeps now and again. If a sweep starts, everyone runs, dragging their wares. The stampede can get confusing.

On certain days, however, huge areas around the New Mosque (Yeni Cami) are turned over to what seems to be a sanctioned market for a single item.

It was Back-To-School time in Turkey as we visited. This day the market was in clothes. Nothing but clothes, with a strong tilt towards school duds.

A few more pictures of Istanbul.


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