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Water taxis ply the upper waters of the Golden Horn near Eyup, Istanbul.
Beware the smells of the Golden Horn.
A small ferry system runs up and down the Golden Horn.

Well worth the few lira to ride.

Fishing boats moored on the Golden Horn, near the Eyup ferry dock.
Mollusk street food near the Galata Bridge, Golden Horn, Istanbul.
Moorish arches on a bridge crossing the Golden Horn.

This could be the Galata Bridge, but I don't recall.

A fish fry boat tied up along the Golden Horn at the Galata Bridge.

This boat is both a marine disaster and a culinary disaster just waiting to happen.

Fish for sale on Rihtim Caddesi in Istanbul's Karakoy district.

You can also see the Galata bridge on the right.

A view of the Bosphorus from the Topkapi Palace.
I think this bridge is the Bosphorus Bridge, but I'm not sure.
If you know the name of this bridge, please drop me a note.

A few more pictures of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus.


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