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A juxtaposition of the moorish and the gothic greets visitors at the entrance to Sevilla's cathedral.

Like many churches in southern Spain, this cathedral was built in the site of a mosque. The Catholics were cool with the mosque for 153 years, but once it started to crumble, they scraped most of it, and started over.

This squat and square gothic beast is the third largest cathedral in the world.
The sheer size of the building gave designers plenty of space to go crazy with 'dem gothic fixin's.
La Giralda, the belfry of the cathedral. Built in 1195, it was originally the minaret of the mosque. The lower two-thirds are the original Islamic design; the Catholics added the belfry on top much later.
The south side of the massive organ, with a view of the Capilla Mayor and the retablo behind.

I have another picture of the Capilla Mayor in the extras.

Murillo's rendering of St. Anthony of Padua.
Christopher Columbus' tomb, supported by four statues that represent the four kingdoms of Spain.

My wild guess is that this guy in the foreground represents Castilla.

Ceiling. Cool cool.
The lumpy, almost cake-like roof of the Sacristía Mayor.
In Spanish this is known as a custodia. I like the English translation of 'monstrance'.

Yes, your monstrance. Yes yes.

This silver paperweight tips the scales at 1047.2 pounds.

A few more cathedral pictures.


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