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Madrid's Palacio Real, weighing in at 2800 rooms.
A view down Plaza de Oriente, looking towards the Palacio Real.
Everything, and I mean everything, in Spain is moved by motos.
A typical Madrid street scene.

If you should find this location while in Madrid, I have a wonderful and sinful food recommendation.

This picture was shot, I believe, on Calle Mayor and Calle Cordón, facing west down Calle Mayor. This intersection is roughly between the Plaza Mayor and the Palacio Real. Just to the left of this frame (south), there is a little plaza called Plaza de la Villa...

There are two cafes on this plaza. The second, southern-most cafe makes a totally amazing sandwich: Toast, sunny side up egg, asparagus, bacon, and a half dozen other things. There's even a hole cut in the upper piece of toast for the egg yolk to show through. Simply divine.

We dream of this amazing sandwich now and again. Grlurhphff.

Plaza Mayor, early in the morning, well before the cafe trade gets rolling.
The Real Casa de la Panadería, on the Plaza Mayor, was given a cool fresco in 1992.

The painting is a bit difficult to make out here in the uncooperative morning sun. (Note to self: Come back in the afternoon next time, Elmo.)

Herrerian architecture, 1619 style.
A festival on the Plaza de Espagne.
Books being sold in an alley, just off Puerta del Sol.

A few more pictures of Madrid.


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