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From our first day in Spain to our last, I was fascinated by the architectural ironwork on many of the older buildings. I don't know the first thing about these trellises, windows, balconies, and window grates, but I snapped a number of pictures for those that might.

This building is in Madrid.

A four story iron window in Madrid, with curved elements, no less.

This is, I believe, on Calle Mayor and Calle Cordón.

Iron balconies on the Plaza Pasiegas in Granada.
Iron windows and balconies on Ronda's boldly painted PTT building.
A house in Ronda's old town.
Another house in Ronda.
A stately bank in Mérida, Extremadura.
This window on a building in Mérida's Plaza de España has the thinnest iron frame that I spotted on our entire trip.

Practically delicate. Wonderful!

A whole iron (?) catwalk in Toledo! Jackpot!

This is within a block or two of the intersection of Calle del Colegio and Calle del Pintor Matias Moreno. You can't miss it.

A stack of iron "bay" windows in Toledo.
Wood and iron windows of two different types on two adjacent buildings in the center of Sevilla.

Perhaps these are early versions of the other iron bay windows?


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