Jim Morrison's Paris

Well, not the Paris of 1971, just the stops that Doors fans troop to.

apartment No 17 Rue Beautreillis, where Jimbo kicked it. Vieran, owner of Le Beautreillis the restaurant across the street says it's the one with the red flowers.
beautreillis Jimbo used to do whiskey shots at Restaurant Le Beautreills, long before Vieran bought the place.
vieran Vieran has quite a little cottage industry going around Jim Morrison. He can talk for hours about Jim, the Doors and just about anything else. There's quite a shrine of stuff inside. Worth a stop.
perewide Young folks flock to the grave in Pere-Lachaise.
pere The site has been cleaned up, the grafitti removed, and is now under 24 hour guard. The bust was stolen a while ago.
champlain Samwiched between Pere-Lachaise and Av Gambetta is a park called Square Samuel de Champlain. At first flance it appears to be just part of a stone well. As you gaze at it, subtle images of many tortured faces rise out of the stone. Unfortunatly a scanned photograph doesn't do it justice.

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