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Newport Beach, a bunch of photos of the city and elsewhere around Orange County, California.
Laguna Beach Wildfire, photos taken of the fire from the Newport Peninsula.
Interop trip to Vegas, The Mirage screwed up and put me...where?
Britain, July 1995 trip to see the Queen.
Northern Mojave Desert, October 1995 trip to the 'Old West'
Southern California Hills, A bunch of rather lame hilltop shots from the Southland.
Joshua Tree National Monument, a April 1996 trip out to the desert.
Sequoia National Forest, a June 1996 camping trip up to the Southern Sierra high country.
Paris, part of an August 1996 trip to Europe.
Point Reyes, a May 1997 day hike through the National Seashore in Marin.
Oslo, a June 1997 trip to the capital of Norway.
Sierra Nevada '97, several trips to the CA mountains, Summer 97. Lassen, Bodie, Lake Sabrina, mines, tufa, and such.
Stockholm, an October 1997 trip to the capital of Sweden.

Mendocino Coast, a fall trip up the North Coast to Mendocino, Sept 1998.
Noe Valley Fire, a garden variety house fire in San Francisco, November 1998.
Utah and Nevada, A November 1998 trip through Utah and Nevada.
The Arizona Biltmore, The old Phoenix hotel at night -- all decked out for the holidays, November 1998.
Spain, a May 1999 trip through Spain.
Turkey, a September 1999 trip in Turkey.
Coming Someday: Alaska and the Yukon: A drive up the Alaska Highway, Denali, Homer, Dawson City, and points inbetween.
Coming Someday: Japan, Australia, Tuscany, and Colorado: Lots of travel, so little time for scanning...
San Francisco, a growing collection.
Coming Someday: Ireland
Arlington Theater, Santa Barbara.
San Francisco, continutes to grow.

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