The Royals

They make a big deal over the Queen's birthday. These pictures are from Buckingham Palace. The public gets to cheer the Queen's birthday, a band plays, the RAF flys some jets over, and it's time to hit the pub.

Various and sundry guys in red jackets.
The British conquered the world with these guys? Right.
Check out the size of those cell phones. What's in there, vacuum tubes?
There they all are. The queen is the one in the ill-fitting, dated color, truly ugly suit with matching hat.
Ahh, the close up. Check out the dude four from the left. That's all neck! To his left is the Queen Mum, then the Queen. Chuckie is in front of the left window. No Di. She was in the palace doghouse at this point.
The Queen Mum. She looks three sheets to the wind to me.
Chuckie and some other Lady-in-Waiting type person.

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