Random London stuff.

Parliament Tower. I couldn't bear another Big Ben shot.
My friend Chris, a ex-pat for 3 years in London said, 'It's weird living in a country with terrorism'. Yup. A car getting bomb checked at into No. 10 Downing street.
John Major's government almost fell the week I was in London. Lots of worried grey suits shuttled in and out of No. 10.
St. Paul's is part two of the National Cathedral racket. They packed Westminster Abby up with so many medieval kings and queens (Henry VII, Mary Queen of Scots, etc), that they needed this one to store Nelson, Wren, Wellington and a few dozen more admirals, generals and such.
St. Paul's rules.
The Naive.
Them wacky Brits.
Now that's a minivan!
A Cityscape

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