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Lexington Arch is located on the southern boundary of Great Basin National Park, Nevada.

A view of the whole arch looking towards the east.

The southern half of the arch.

The ground is littered with granite rocks that have fallen off the arch.

I visited at about noon. No one else had been down the road or up to the arch so far that day. About a half mile in, I really wished I had brought snow shoes.

If you look at the clouds, you can see them breaking up over the dry valley floor and reforming over the next mountain range. Orographic effects can be quite stunning in Nevada.

The southern pier of the arch. You can see storm clouds regathering off to the right. I snapped all of these shots during a small break in the clouds.
The arch, obscured by trees and mountains, is not visible for most of the hike up. There are a few glimpses from a distance about half of the way along the trail, but I could not photograph them. It was snowing far too hard both times I hiked by the view. (Much of the trail is in the considerable snow shadow of the 11,218 foot Granite Peak).

At the end of the trail, shown here, the scramble over ice and snow was a little tricky. Up until the last twenty feet, it is not even clear that there is an arch!


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