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The salt flats are deluged in the early winter by snow melt. Who knew?
There is a long causeway out to the racing site that is just above the water level. Apparently the race track is rebuilt each year after the water evaporates.

So much for my imagined time trial in the Jeep.

A parhelia, or sun dog, over the flats.

I didn't know what this was at the time, so I could not tell you if it was 22 degrees off from the sun or not.

A close up of the sun dog.

I darkened the image a bit to let the rainbow colors come out of the background.

Thanks to Joan Barnett and Ian Scott-Parker for identifying this as a sun dog.

OK, this isn't at Bonneville, Utah. This is a cloudy sunset at Pequop Summit, 20.6 miles east of Wells, Nevada.

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