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About an hour from Antalya is the Greek and Roman town of Perge (Perga).

When you first arrive, you pass through this, the Roman Gate. There isn't much left standing. The underside of the partially reassembled archway has retained some detail. This view looks out, south, from inside the town.

4th century, B.C.

The Hellenistic gate was built much earlier, when the town was a bit smaller.

3rd century, B.C.

A remarkably well preserved wall along the interior of the Hellenistic gate.

The fallen decorative columns on the ground have long since succumbed to nature and man.

Apollonius of Perge hung out in Perge. Funny thing, that.

Ellipse, Hyperbola and Parabola. All coined right around here.

Ruins of the baths near the Roman gate.
Baths, including the basement heating chambers.
The remains of a shop facade along the colonnade.
Some objects clearly have been re-assembled and re-arranged. These columns, for example, appear to have been righted in the modern era.

Nice cement job there, buddy.

The weeds from the surrounding fields encroach upon the ruins.
At the northern end of the town a water fountain (nymphaeum) and aqueduct are still visible.
Just outside the Roman gate is the hippodrome (stadium). Large sections of the stands still grace the area near the parking lot.

Looking to the south at the eastern side of the 'drome.

2nd century B.C.

Looking through the supports of the hippodrome's stands.

A few more pictures of Perge, including the amphitheater.


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