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The Temple of Hadrian at Ephesus (Efes), Turkey.

One might place the best examples of Greek and Roman Classical ruins in Greece and Italy. Perhaps, but I would not be so quick. Turkey is coated with ancient towns, cities and artifacts.

Detail of the Temple of Hadrian.
Ephesus (Efes), Turkey.
A stone inscription in front of the Library of Celsus.
The Library of Celsus -- completely restored, of course. The facade certainly didn't survive in this shape -- even the original meter thick walls have crumbled.

The plaza in front was perpetually crowded. As a matter of fact, in an otherwise horrible travel year for Turkey, this was, by far, the most crowded place we visited. Ugly Americans a-plenty.

Where's Waldo?

The Great Theater, looking west to the harbor.

The Riot of Demetrius the Silversmith against Saint Paul took place here. There must have been quite a racket if, indeed, there was a packed house of shouting malcontents.

A view from the harbor street, back towards the Great Theater.

On the left side of the frame, you can make out the ruins of the Gymnasium of the Theater.

A stone with carved characters is being overtaken by weeds somewhere along Curetes Way.
Commercial Agora.
A recently reinforced wall, somewhere near the Odeum.
The backside of the same wall near the Odeum.

A few more pictures of Ephesus.


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