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Only a few minutes from Perge is the Roman Amphitheater at Aspendos (Aspendus).
This is claimed to be the greatest Roman amphitheater in Turkey.

I can't dispute this claim. I saw two other amphitheaters in Turkey. They were both in advanced states of decay, so it's tough for me to say either way.

The architect Xenon designed the theater in the 2nd century A.D.

In the thirteenth century, the theater facade was rebuilt and altered to be a caravanserai -- a combination fortress-hotel-stable-type building for traveling caravans.

The upper colonnade is cool and peaceful.

Some of the 20th century restorations are a little, well, obvious.

Still, the restored theater gives a nice sense of its salad days.

Certainly more so than some of the more authentic piles-o-Roman-rock.


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