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Many of the museums are located on Djurgarden Island, just east of the city center.

This is the Nordic Museum, Nordiska Museet.

The Nordic Museum was having some type of retrospective on the Bilen (automobile).

A light boat under gathering skies. This boat was built for active duty somewhere out in the Baltic sea in 1903.

Grund means 'shoal' or 'reef' in Swedish. Finngrudet means something like 'Shoal of drunken Russians'.


The Vasa.

One of the world's great screwups. The design of this 1600's warship was dictated by the king. The boat builders, wanting to keep their jobs, (and heads), went along with orders...


The Vasa's official seal.

The first puff of wind heeled the boat over enough so that water came in through the cannon ports. The pride and joy of the Swedish fleet sank just a few minutes into its trial run.


The Vasa's restored stern.

In 1961, the ship was raised from the harbor floor 333 years after it sank.


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