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Steam rising off of Juniper Lake during a suprise June 30th, 1997 snowfall.
The edge of our campsite. (6900 feet)
A swampy area behind the tent. The deer that would not leave us alone all night disappeared with the first sign of snow.
More spring greenery, covered with snow.

The 'Sulfer Works' along the 89.

Lassen Peak highway was closed due to a foot of snow over the pass -- this was as far as we got.

Green algae, growing in the scalding, nasty water. I can't wait to see Bumpass Hell next year.

A circa 1920's watchtower atop of Mount Harkness, an extinct shield volcano (8042 feet).

A huge caldera-like depression is just behind the tower. Ejecta can be seen all down the caldera side of the peak. There's not much doubt as to which way this puppy blew, and it blew BIG.


The USGS reference marker on Mount Harkness.

The vistor's log up here, 10 miles from the nearest paved road, does not have any entries between late September and early June.


Daniel, being a wise-ass. Yes, the sign does say 'Lightning Ground Wire, Do Not Touch'.

Harkness is a mountain of lava pebbles and boulders. There is no moist soil to ground the tower to!


Before the snow, we were pelted awake by a hailstorm. The hail turned the ground white with ice.

After ten minutes of hail, the storm got serious and it started to snow with a quickness.

One final snowy lake picture.

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