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In 1797 the Spanish built a gun battery at Fort Mason called the Bateria San Jose.
The US Army refortified the battery in 1863.
Some empty gun emplacements. These look newer than 1863.
An empty emplacement.
Farther up the hill is a bunker of some sort.
My guess is that this was an ammunition bunker. There's a paved low road that leads down to the batteries.
There's a command post on the top of this bunker.

Typically a sighting instrument is placed on that central pillar.

Today the eucalyptus trees have grown in so tightly that you couldn't spot a cargo ship coming in the south channel at broad daylight.

A view of the command post from the rear, facing more or less north.
Some venting on the bunker.
More venting and decay.
A nice concrete arch in the wall. The iron ring looks almost decorative.

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