Paris Monuments

Hey, it's the obiligatory shots of the Le Tour Eiffel et L'arc de Triomphe! You've seen these shots before, and yer going to see 'em again!

l'arc champs Ohhh. I bet no one has ever taken this shot before! Note the totally INNOVATIVE use of the long exposure time. Snore.
l'arc 1 Not so bad.
l'arc 2 Sheesh.
effiel There really isn't much you can do with this one, 'cept get a decent sunset or something.
effiel l'est From the top of the tower, looking east towards Ile de la Cite.
effiel nord A view to the north, looking towards L'arc de Triomphe, etc.
effiel sud A view to the south, along the Siene.

I'm sorry. I won't take any more totally worn out pictures.

Right. Like I can stop.

It's like eating Cheetos. I know I should stop, and everyone's going to know what I did... but I want just one more!

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