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Oslo, Norway

Oslo seems rather generically European at first, but it grows on you. The city is really pretty, clean, and quite small by capital city standards. There are only 450,000 people in Oslo -- heck, there are only 5 million folks in all of Norway.
(June 1997)

Vigeland Gustav Vigeland was a Norwegian sculptor who was given a whole park to design. I usually find sculpture boring, but Vigeland blew me away.
Norwegian Folk Museum A huge collection of traditional architecture, farm houses, and entire Norge villages.
Akershus Castle A medieval fortress overlooks the harbor.
Holmenkollen The Norwegians built this HUGE ski jump on a hill just outside of Oslo. Why? It's the national sport, or something.
Norwegian Architecture Modern buildings and houses.
Bygdoy Museums Viking Ships, The Kon-Tiki raft and The Polar Ship FRAM.
Oslo Cityscapes Random things I found visually interesting around Oslo.

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