Panamint Valley

Literally, folks thought they could Pan-A-Mint of money.

Most of this valley is controlled by the Bureau of Land Management land - no one wants it, nor is anyone ever likely to want it - The results of a hundred and twenty years of mining too visable, and there is almost no water. Many ghost towns look like they haven't aged much - even iron doesn't rust much here.

The northern end of the Panamint Valley.
Cottonwood charcoal kilns. The charcoal was used to fire the ore smelters.
Ore cart tracks at the Eureka mine. This mine was worked up until 1945.
One of the several shafts of the Eureka mine. It's filled with bats now.
A vertical mineshaft at Eureka leading to almost certain death.
From the top of Eurkea, looking north-west.

Death Valley