Cerro Gordo

Cerro Gordo is well preserved a ghost town above Owens Dry Lake in the Inyo mountains. Click here for more information about the 'fat hill'.

A view of what's left of Cerro Gordo facing the Sierra Nevada. Five thousand folks lived in this little area in the late 1800's.
The chimney to the xxx smelter. At various times, the silver ore was smelted on the hill to reduce the amount of cargo down the steep and windy road to the lake. The teamsters would chain the wagon wheels tight during the descent, and they still had trouble.
It's amazing that the town hasn't been ransacked, This building still had plently of random stuff stacked in the corners of this building. A-number-1 indoor plumbing, too.
The mine dump. The tailings from the xxx claim were dumped here.
A few buildings have been fixed up. This one houses the museum.
The old foundations can be interesting. This one had a snake and the remains of its tin roof.
Many of the ore carts are strewn about the mine tailings.

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