Lower Desert Joshua Tree

In the lower elevations of the desert, you get a totally different breeds of funky plants.

ocotillo An Ocotillo bush. Nasty, razor sharp spikes. This picture is from the Ocotillo patch along the main north-south park road.
ocotillo2 Another Ocotillo bush. These bad boys can be found in narrow altitude range all throughout the desert, especially in Anza-Barrango.
cholla A Cholla cactus. Even fire doesn't bother these plants. They are desert weeds, usually found where over cattle grazing took place. There's a Cholla 'garden' right along the main north-south park road. Worth a stop.
fried liver wash Check out those goofy-ass hats. We felt a little stupid bringing them until the sun came up on the first day. A few baseball-capped folks were envious of our $4.99 Ensenada especials in the afternoon.
Fried Liver Wash? Your guess is as good as mine.

The Lost Horse Mine