The New Dale Mining District

West of the part a bit, on BLM lands is the New Dale area. Mines, works, and junk are scattered everywhere.

virginia dale wide The Virginia Dale mine. The deep sandy washes and impossibly steep dirt sections through the mine dump made this side trip fun.
virginia dale mine The Virginia mine itself. Pretty boring, really, unless you are dumb enough to go inside.
virginia dale tank The settling tanks. The remaining works are usually much more interesting than the mine shaft itself.
new dale wide New Dale. One of the nastiest 'roads' I've ever been on leads to this mine. The road is narrow, covered in sharp rocks, filled with ruts, and is along a steep cliff. There are some deep sand washes to cross for added fun. Worth it all for the view.
new dale mine Does the word 'cave-in' mean anything to you?

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